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Masema - Managements & Services for Malls
Management of shopping centers, marketing and administration of companies in local and national economic landscape.
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For dealers

Servizi per i negozianti

MaSeMa will help you in choosing the local analysis of pending profitability and practice of finance. We will deal with the study of regulations in dealing with you side by side assemblies and meetings Monthly, clarifying the rules, sometimes confusing, which regulate the trade centres.

Manage your accounts and practices relating to personnel.

MaSeMa support you technically leading you through the many safety regulations, the legal requirements and the technical viability of the premises in relation to your business.

Our professionals will allow you to save time and money you'll spend to-day management of your business while we take care to handle highly sensitive issues that will have repercussions throughout the contract period within the mall.

Servizi per i negozianti

Services for retailers

  • Choice of the location and catchment area

    Early stage is crucial to understand the goodness of the location of the center. The location of malls is a topic that must be analyzed with special attention to customers such that frequent the area surrounding the urban, population density, roads, services, purchasing power.
  • Financing

    MaSeMa verify the existence of sources of funding to facilitate the start-up or the ongoing management of your initiative.
  • Legal, contractual and regulatory

    MaSeMa supports you in analyzing the preliminary and final contract and regulations for the management of the mall. Very often these are particularly difficult to understand the impacts are not easily foreseeable that the rules contained in it may have on both the short and long term. Tables, weightings, "k abatement" are often obscure numbers that do not help in choosing. We help you make transparency.
  • Technical and Security

    MaSeMa helps you to start your business right foot, making sure the room is equipped with the necessary safety equipment and fire protection. Very often these issues are fundamental, are to be neglected or postponed after the opening operation, we will take care of your safety and that of your customers. Our professionals are the best in the market.
  • Marketing

    The office carries out marketing campaigns launch of your business and promotional activities in support of daily sales in attachment to the normal programming of the center of marketing: contests, events, events are our daily bread.
  • Regular Meetings

    MaSeMa supports you and alongside you in the decisions you make from time to time in the regular meetings. Decisions on the rules and regulations or the approval of the budgets and budget (both preventive and statements) have significant influence in determining the costs and thus the expected income from the investment.
    If we want to replace you with a simple proxy: we will be your eyes and your interest will be ours.
  • The administration of accounting and personnel

    We manage your accounts, taxation and all practices relating to personnel involved.