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Masema - Managements & Services for Malls
Management of shopping centers, marketing and administration of companies in local and national economic landscape.
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For shopping centres

Services for shopping centres

MaSeMa was born as a management company, advice and services tailored to the specific needs of shopping malls and commercial structures are able to offer customers multi-purchase opportunities, leisure facilities and entertainment, leisure.

MaSeMa fits into the vast landscape of management companies as a flexible company where each member will play a specific role. The structure can be extensive and complex in the bigger centers and limited and simple in small centers. This allows extreme rationalization of costs for the mall itself.

As interlocutors and mediators between the world of real estate, business and finance, the founders of MaSeMa have collaborated on the development of large shopping centres, created marketing campaigns with the help of the most important Italian communication, administering and managing partnerships and capital in Italy and abroad, helping to increase the profitability expected from the investment.

Good management is the key to the success of a mall.

Become an increasingly comprehensive and sophisticated management with MaSeMa can support the developer and investors into the design. By so doing are reducing the risk of the investment, to develop friendly relations with agencies and external organizations, such as authorities and local trade bodies, tight security arrangements, selection and training of personnel, construction services, facilities maintenance of facilities, cleanliness, order and purchase of equipment as well as personnel management.

Services for shopping centres

  • Choice of location

    The location of shopping centers is a topic that must be analyzed with particular attention to the interests of the promoter and to the public interest.
  • Study of the catchment

    It is a key variable in planning the size and architecture that the center should have.
  • Policy analysis

    Decisions on individual requests for the construction of new shopping centers are taken locally. The planning policy may change in light of individual local development plans.
  • Promotion

    Feasibility study, acquisition or partnership, negotiation, project preparation and construction of the mall.
  • Structures legal, contractual and regulatory

    Advice on the definition of contracts with tenants / buyers and regulation of the management of the mall.
  • Marketing and management of space

    In promoting a commercial center, there comes a time when businesses should be defined to be accommodated, the space it occupies and select those with which concluded contracts owned or rented.
  • Marketing

    The totality of the center, the services and its client, is a product that will meet the needs of potential tenants before its opening and stimulate new inputs once they reach the operation. In this way the media are studied differently targeting potential tenants and to end users of the mall.
  • Management of common areas

    The task of management is to supervise all aspects of daily security-related surveillance, cleaning and maintenance of the center and check the progress every day in terms of inflows and invoiced constantly interfacing with the operators of the center.